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Our manufacturing partners are more than just a significant part of our supply chain, they are vital to helping us uphold our mission and values. We consider each individual that helps us navigate this process as extended members of our MiiR family. Without their commitment to transparency and their dedication to partnership, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Our commitment to people and planet drives us to continue working towards developing the most sustainable products and processes. We always have, and always will, strive to work collaboratively with our partners, ensuring that everyone is respected and cared for as part of our MiiR community. 


Where We Do Business

China is the global center of excellence for everything related to stainless steel consumer goods manufacturing and development. The majority of MiiR products are manufactured in the Zhejiang region of China. Over the last 100 years, the Chinese have been perfecting the stainless steel vacuum-insulation process, developing and refining the technology required to produce high quality, durable, drinkware.

Their skilled workers are unmatched anywhere in the world for their expertise and as a result have developed the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to manufacture. Because all raw materials, tools, and equipment are made in China, keeping production close to their point of origin allows us to significantly cut down on emissions. 


How We Select Suppliers

We’re fortunate to work with some of the most advanced factories in the world. Each of them undergoes rigorous screening prior to us making the decision to work with them. We looked at each facility in terms of their social and fair labor practices, their commitment to good environmental wellbeing, and their manufacturing capabilities. In addition, we look at the following categories to determine if they are a fit for partnership:

  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Account Management Personnel
  • Growth Potential
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Our Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct combines 30 years of drinkware experience from industry experts local to our suppliers. The result is our terms and conditions for doing business with us at MiiR. 

This mutually agreed upon document is applicable to today’s labor standards and covers a range of areas including health and safety, worker treatment and rights, working hours and compensation, and environmental protection. At the heart of this document is MiiR’s unwavering commitment to give more and take less, which starts with the individuals who make our product.

View Our Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct


Third-Party Audits

All MiiR suppliers are in compliance with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), promoting commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. This is granted through an annual third-party audit, which includes a written report that highlights factory opportunities and any necessary corrective actions.

Our MiiR China team monitors supplier process and progress and supports those ongoing relationships to ensure a comprehensive and detailed approach to operational excellence. Our U.S. based supply chain team, prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, also regularly visited our suppliers to provide an additional inspection layer. We hope to continue those efforts as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Third-Party Audits


Our MiiR China Team

Our fully-staffed office in China is filled with industry experts who have an unwavering commitment to our mission and values. They help develop and maintain thriving supplier relationships and are able to be on the ground when we are not.

Located in Jinhua, China, our team is less than thirty minutes from most factory locations and provides MiiR with the opportunity to collaborate closely on factory selection, new product development, and our suppliers’ ethical and environmental performance. 

Our MiiR China Team


How We’re Different

At MiiR, a culture of generosity is essential to who we are as a brand. That's why we incorporate giving into our contractual agreements with our manufacturing partners. Each year, our tier 1 suppliers commit to give back to their communities and MiiR matches the amount to double down on our collective impact. Giving can look different across cultures, which is why we work with our factories to identify local causes that are culturally relevant and hold significance for both them and us. That’s where our MiiR China team comes in.  

They act as our Impact experts abroad, working closely with suppliers to identify local charities or initiatives that do good close to home. The ultimate goal: Having our manufacturing partners feel connected to their giving and MiiR in a more powerful way. 

While this has been a part of our contractual agreements for some time, the widespread effects of COVID-19 impacted how we were able to give. 2022 was the first year we deployed these funds in partnership.

Collectively, MiiR China & 4 MiiR suppliers donated -¥454,456 ($67,940) to 2 local charities - the Jinhua Charity Foundation & The China Youth Development Foundation.

2022 Supplier Give Stats

2022 Impact Report

At MiiR, impact and responsibility are actions woven into every fiber of our business. A social enterprise from the very beginning, we know we’re doing things right when we give more and take less.

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