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In order to protect the intellectual property (and blood, sweat and tears) that comes with being a design-forward brand, most MiiR®️ products are either patented or patent-pending in design and/or utility, both in the US and other markets around the world. Following 35 USC 287(a) guidelines, the below list is comprehensive but not all-inclusive of MiiR Holdings, LLC patents that protect our products. The MiiR name is also a registered trademark in many countries.


Camp Cup

US Design Patent D814,243

Can Chiller

US Design Patent D908,444

Cooking Pot

US Design Patent D1,00,888 S


US Design Patent D862,173

Hatchback Chug Lid

US Design Patent D1,000,199 S

US 8,905,252*

US 10,569,940*

AU 2014249322*

ZL 201480026745.3*

Leakproof Straw Lid

US Design Patent D974,106 S

New Standard Carafe

US Design Patent D887765

New Standard Milk Pitcher

US Design Patent D995,188 S

Press Fit Straw Lid

US Design Patent D946,346 S


US Design Patent D906,047 (individual)
US Design Patent D906,046 (assembled)

Straw Lid

US Design Patent D874,216

D-ring Lid

US Design Patent D841,391

Tall Boy

US Design Patent D746,701

Flip Traveler

US Design Patent D868,536 

US Design Patent D882,334


US Design Patent D882,339 

750mL Wine Bottle

US Design Patent D920,047


US Design Patent D926,523


* Licensed Patent from CamelBak