New Standard Moka PotNew Standard Moka Pot

An Icon. Reimagined.

The New Standard Moka Pot is available now.

The Moka Pot has always set a new standard. An innovation that made espresso accessible for everyone. Affordable, quick, and easy. No fancy equipment needed. Just your pot and grounds. 

Reimagined with this legacy in mind, the New Standard Moka Pot introduces new materials to a timeless classic.

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Moka Pot Rendering

90 years of heritage, meet the next 90 years of espresso.

Made from durable, non-corrosive stainless steel and PCR (post-consumer recycled) components, MiiR’s New Standard Moka Pot is built so that every cup of joe comes with a more responsible footprint.

Your new favorite expression for espresso.

Pouring water into the Moka PotPouring water into the Moka Pot
Adding Espresso to the Moka PotAdding espresso to the Moka Pot
An open Moka PotAn open Moka Pot

MiiR x Don Carvajal Café

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Héctor Carvajal grew up in a community where coffee was an essential part of everyday life.

In 2019, and as an ode to his grandfather, Héctor started Don Carvajal Café to bring good Dominican coffee to his home of New York. They are on a mission to promote specialty Dominican coffee and drive more equity and diversity in the coffee industry.

Héctor’s experience making Moka Pot-brewed coffee alongside his family in the Dominican Republic made him an expert in that brewing process and the perfect collaborator as we developed the New Standard Moka Pot for MiiR.

Watch below to learn more.

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New Standard Moka Pot
New Standard Moka Pot
New Standard Moka Pot
New Standard Moka Pot

New Standard Moka Pot


  • Stainless Steel construction, no corrosive aluminum parts
  • No new plastic - 100% recycled
  • Classic perforated hopper for grounds
  • Safe for induction, gas, & electric stovetop use
  • Easy to clean
  • 6-serving-size pot (10oz total)

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